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Im starting to post my music

2007-10-03 22:24:21 by Minoirty95

I don't know much about music. When it comes to notes and things of that nature. But i do claim to have a pretty good ear to things. I think that i will start to post some of the music i have developed on here so i can get a reall feel of what is good and what is not. I welcome all comments. Even the good and bad ones. i need live ears to see if what i am doing is in the right direction.

You will see me post all my creations. Not just the good ones but the ones that need work. some will cause musicans to cringe because it technicly isen't right. But those of you who enjoy music just baised on the sound. you may enjoy all of them. or maybe none at all :-D

Thanks in advance


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2009-02-14 10:25:41

Lol we should team up! I have a less than average ear for detail, but a above average musical aptitude. :)


2009-02-16 17:39:22

nice music